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Apiculture, or the agricultural business of working with bees, has been a very successful area for Makouti. Makouti assists in the procurement of beehives, queen bees, honey collection and processing equipment as well as providing training. Honey is bartered or sold in local markets, restaurants, and hotels and Makouti assists with market linkages. Makouti also works with beekeepers and microentrepreneurs to make products with hive by-products, like beeswax candles.

Cuniculture, or the agricultural business of producing rabbits, is one of the fastest growing businesses in Haiti. Rabbits provide one of the highest nutritional forms of meat throughout the year, without needing much space. Makouti helps with the procurement of cages and rabbits, and provides technical training on production and meat quality.

Horticulture products account for most of the market products sold throughout Haiti. The products range from coffee to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Makouti provides assistance with transportation, pest management, water systems, seeds and/or seedlings, processing, and more. Makouti also collaborates with international private enterprises like HaitiCoffee to help Haitian coffee reach international markets.

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